Welcome to our fan's page.

Here is where you can contact Coach Shane and  where you  will find information about practices,
games, and any other information I need to pass on.

When coming to our games, don't forget to invite your parents, grandparents, uncles, 
aunts, cousins, brothers and sisters, and friends to our games.  It is a great 
time to spend quality time together  while watching your kids play.

Welcome to our 2003 Spring Softball Season.  Our team has chosen the name "Blue Crush".
We are again in the Minor Division.  Our team colors will be Royal Blue and White. 
Practice has begun and I am looking forward to a great season.
If you are interested in playing softball, or have any questions about the upcoming
season, just let me know!
Good Luck Blue Crush!


Blue Crush has wrapped up the Minor Division title for 2003. The league trophy party is Saturday 6/7 at Coleman School where we will receive our trophies, announce the All-Star team, and have fun. 
Bring your towels!

 2003   Blue Crush
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4/5 BlueCrush 4 Psychodelix 13
4/7 BlueCrush 16 Purple Reign 7
4/26 BlueCrush 10 Purple Reign 8
5/2 BlueCrush 10 Crush 6
5/7 BlueCrush 14 Purple Reign 8
5/10 BlueCrush 14 Crush 3
5/13 BlueCrush 10 Purple Reign 9
5/14 BlueCrush 8 Psychodelix 5
5/22 BlueCrush 15 Purple Reign 3
5/29 BlueCrush 16 Crush 2
5/30 BlueCrush 9 Psychodelix 2
5/31 BlueCrush 11 Psychodelix 4
6/2 BlueCrush 14 Crush 4
6/5 BlueCrush   Psychodelix  
Total Points For: 164 Points Against: 74


   Contact Coach Shane by email CoachShane@surewest.net 

Note: If you have difficulty sending an email response and are using Netscape, 
try contacting us by opening Internet Explorer as your browser
 and then using the contact link. Thanks.


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